Mightier than the Pen

by Semiotic Weapons

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    It's like three time-travelling Druids showed up at a Hardcore festival and decided this was the best thing since iron weapons.
    A hard-hitting take on Stoner music, alternating from droning sludge to grinding thrash, with mathy complexity and folky undertones. Featuring members of Accelerate Entropy, American Discord, and Class A, this is not just a reductive look at punk or metal music with a focus on emulating others. Reorganizing musical and lyrical themes around pop culture symbols and subverting the shit out of it all since 2016 is the name of SW's game. Some have called it Desert Rock / Stoner Rock, and they dig that.
    Special guest vocalists abound on this album, giving you a wide variety of local Wichita talent, deep in the mix (which was done by the talented hands at Pauly's Productions of Wichita, KS). Scotty Edwards, of Gringo Sapiens and the Joycoughs; Maurice Chucho, of Ghost Town Strays and Sin Lengue; Mat Splat, of the Death Scene, formerly of Green River Gary; and the one and only Danny Echo, of Old Man Creaky Bones, formerly of Iron Octamoms. It might not mean much to a non-Wichitan, but it is still impressive to see a new band have such collaboration from a diverse local scene.
    Preorder release to include one tape, SW sticker, and bonus digital content including the Valentines Demo Massacre (2015) with two unreleased alternate mixes of "Friends" & "7.62xoxox.39".
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Wichita, KS, based Semiotic Weapons's debut full album


released March 19, 2016

Recorded at Pauly's Productions in the Winter of 2015-2016; to be released in Spring 2016 on the THARC label.



all rights reserved


Semiotic Weapons Wichita, Kansas

A few men from Kansas making post-punk music designed to subvert pop culture archetypes and open new spaces for facebook.com/s3mioticweapons/
Ig: @s3midubs
Booking: strongtreemusic@gmail.com

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Track Name: Fight the Future / Revolting Destiny
Lyrics available with full album!
Track Name: 7.62xoxox.39
An unspoken admiration
one in which we take no satisfaction
but even still in this dire situation
when every one of us, seems to benefit from your action
But assume not our acquiescence
At not least down to the last man
I cannot speak for with or against you
But in silence I know that you can truly understand

When the criminals write the crimes
And you’ve heard the same goddamn excuses time after time
Don’t you want to pluck all those bad apples from the barrel and stick them in a line
Send them all the same love letter signed: 7 6 2 X 3 9

In horror watching mock trials
permanently fixed with the suns cycles
replicated with every turn of the dial
locking away the truth in some secret file
The naïve post their admiration
while the puppet-masters see fit to record their conversations
paradoxically dulling the spear of a once great nation
where once upon a time telling the truth was considered a tradition
Track Name: Objection (ft. Scotty Edwards)
Objection: Utopianism [L&O Song]

Law and order is on retirement
The time for a hero came and went
The illusion can no longer be maintained, at present
Law and order’s is on retirement

Lenny’s down in the basement
hiding in a bottle of Jack
Logan got out and addicted to pills
his soul finally snapped
Van Buren came out of the closet
still retired with respect
Schiff got a red Ferrari
and drunk drove that whip, till he wrecked

Curtis moved upstate
lost touch with his family
Green got a job teaching race studies
at New York State University
McCoy doesn’t practice law anymore but
you can still catch him on your TV
selling bullshit life insurance
and his own credibility

[Wet en orde is afgetree
Di tyd vir ‘n held is verby
Ni kan byhou nie die illusie, op die oomblik
Wet en orde is afgetree]
Track Name: Asphalt Prairie (ft. various artists)
Asphalt Prairie [Now all we Need are Gangstas on Poegies]

Asphalt Prairie!
Asphalt Prairie!
Bang! Bang!
Wichita, yes we livin’ on a asphalt prairie.

Teeth are gonna fly, I’m talking wild, wild West shit
Doctors gunned down in church, you better wear a vest if
you intend to help a woman choose then you could get arrested
or worse: ‘cause if you ain’t Christian, expect to be detested!
A Kansan is to English as a child is to spinach:
The barbarians I live with still pronounce the dub in ‘Greenwich’
The meek walk the street while the rich roll heavy
What you know about the meter in your soul tickling E for empty in

Wichita, yes we livin’ on a asphalt prairie (Asphalt Prairie!)
Wichita, yes we livin’ on a asphalt prairie (Asphalt Prairie!)
Got more guns than a you could conceal and carry (Bang! Bang!)
Wichita, yes we livin’ on a asphalt prairie (Asphalt Prairie!)

Wild-catter oil barons, armed security guard mansions
The poor an easy score, so they holdin’ them for ransom
Multinational airplane companies get tax cuts and subsidies
while secret Illuminati conspiracies, brew beneath the Keeper’s feet!
Keep the money downtown, preserve the natural habitat
Can’t control the floods, but the river got a bike path
Home of the Keystone ecocidal vision
but they already got a pipeline from the schools to the prisons in
Track Name: Green Promise
Green Promise

Behind every shadow there exists a secret
We never know their sacrifice
Lawyers, doctors, students by day
but all that can change in one night

They toil for our freedom to draw the false distinction
Between government shutdown and human extinction
We’re not alone; No, we’re not alone
But ET’s dialing 911 before he’s phoning home

I look to the sky and ask my creator,
‘when will you finally return’
I look ‘cross a nation of inhuman creatures
Too kak-stupid ignorant to learn
Track Name: Darkness be with You (ft. Mat Splat)
Darkness be with You

Pulled myself up from the hole
Urge to fight is in our soul
Give us scraps, but we want the whole,
well I was born in it...
We’ll fight until we’re free
Make our home in your armory
Shadows deceive you, they belong to me
‘cause I was born in

Born in it, I was born in it,
this city of evil, this world of shit!
I was born in it! I was born in it!
Your body will break before my spirit!

Born in it, I was born in it,
this city of evil, this world of shit!
I was born in it! I was born in it!
We might be destitute, we’re not desperate!
I was born in it! I was born in it!
I hope my name is your Bane and you choke on it!
I was born in it! I was born in it!
Your body will break before my spirit.

We can’t lose and we can’t win
Knockin’ at your doors: let us in!
Come on out and let the games begin!
Track Name: Fight the Future (ft. Danny Echo)
SkyNet is Real

Your new phone is watching you
Your flashlight knows your every move
Your android phone is now
Gathering scrap for the swarm
Building its own set of arms
All the better for the

How would we know if we’d already crossed the line?
Screen says all systems go but everything ain’t going fine.
Caught completely unaware that we’re getting a raw deal
Now the system’s self-aware and SkyNet is real

Somewhere a Roomba is eyeing
an ankle
ready to attach a custom-made,
space-gray manacle when the
user makes a post on facebook:
“damn how cool that looks”
Unaware of the plan so
diabolical ... but
Track Name: Revolting Destiny (ft. Mat Splat)
Revolting Destiny

Well they say the youth are revolting in their actions every day
They say the youth are revolting in the words that they dare say
But didn’t you wanna change things, too; back in your ‘prime days’?
I’m just glad to be alive to see your era waste away.

Truant youth run the streets
No escape from the fates they meet
Will it be the pushers and pimps around town
Or the ruthless pigs content to hunt them down

Is it not plain to see,
that something is completely out of place here
and do you truly believe
that ‘mindfulness’ means ‘minding your own business’?

The youth today inherit a plastic hovel
They’ll play you like a demographic novel
No longer fit, fit to beg and grovel
They’ll cut your hand, off that saber’s pommel

Is it not plain to see,
that something is completely out of place here?
And if you truly believe
that ‘mindfulness’ means ‘minding your own business,’
then you’ll get just wat kyk jy
and it won’t be bliss, ‘cause it’s not ignorance.
Whole of space and history
unfolds before us, we can’t ignore it, or it

Well they say the youth are revolting in their actions every day
They say the youth are revolting in the words that they dare say
But didn’t you wanna change things, too; back in your ‘prime days’?
I’m just glad to be alive to see this cancer waste away.
Track Name: The Answer is Yes (ft. Paul Jacobs)
The Answer is Yes

Our ancient ancestors built tombs and monuments aligned with the stars
Around the world, many point to the same constellations
Many were built with the same innovative technologies of mysterious origin
and some scholars have theorized these commonalities share so many coincidences
that they pose the serious question:
“Is it possible our ancestors were visited by an advanced race from the stars
who imparted wisdom and technology used to build our many wonders?
And if you look at all the evidence you have to ask: could this theory be right?”

The answer is YES!
Emphatically, YES!
Just say YES!
The answer is YES!
Just say YES!

Not long ago, Archaeologists in Western China discovered
the tomb of a man whose DNA suggested blonde hair and blue eyes
His tomb was made even more unusual by his shaman trappings
and the world’s oldest stash of weed: a five-thousand year-old zip.
Some scholars, namely us, have theorized that this find has a simple explanation
The shaman of European origin smoked out with some rad alien visitors
then had them drop him off in a place known for the sweetest melons in the world
Based on this evidence you have to ask yourself:
“are aliens watching us right now waiting for us to get high?”
Track Name: I Get High (ft. Scotty Edwards)
I Get High

I can’t lie, I can’t lie:
I get high—everyday
I get high, I get high
I smoke up and I pray
Y’all see the light, see the light
and legalize the herb someday
Until that day I’ll just get high,
so high that I can’t hear the bullshit that you say

I smoke bong bowls for breakfast
and take my serving to the head
you can pry that bong from my hand
when I’m cold and fucking dead
I smoke flowers at 4:20
and oil at 7:10
and if you follow suit
then tell your family and friends

If you can smell the smoke then bet
somebody’s holdin’ fire
You know what’s up when we yell dipset
and temporarily retire
Change isn’t about self interest:
I clearly smoke up, nonetheless
It’s about emptying prisons
and rebuking hypocrites
Track Name: Live Tonight Up (ft. Johnny Chucho)
Live Tonight Up

We came here for the party
With us it never ends
No matter how fucked up we get
We know we’re among friends
No fisticuffs but we’re breaking shit up
World keeps turning we can’t do much
Until they kick us out
this shit won’t end

Light the bong and heat that nail up
S Dub, No Coast! We’re giving a fuck
Grab a blue ribbon and a bull to get turned up
No promise of tomorrow so live tonight up

Lock the car and lose the keys
We ain’t got any reason to leave
Cause tonight we’re making
our intentions clear
Nothing to lose and everything to gain
Nothing can stop us not storm nor rain
If there’s a tornado
there’ll be shelter here
Track Name: Friends

Took me by the hand
to a foreign land
left me strand
don’t care; don’t need you anyway
But the rest of us
what’s left of us
had to sell our dreams away
I respect your tact
now I reject our pact
and I hope our paths
never cross again
So go tell everyone
tell everyone
tell everyone how you
‘got fucked by your friends’

‘Cause with friends like you who needs enemies,
when all you’ve ever done is betray me?
With friends like you who needs enemies?
All you ever wanted was my bag.

Given a second chance
play the same song and dance
take the same hardline stance
Excuses drowning out the melody
Reject the test
Get it off your chest
Wasting away your credibility
If I had a dime
for every time
someone found themselves
on your short end
So tell everyone
tell everyone
tell everyone how much you
love your ‘friends’

So tell everyone you know to
tell everyone they know to
tell everyone to go and
tell everyone they know to
tell everyone to go and
tell everyone they know to
tell every-ONE
tell everyone how much you
‘love your FRIENDS’!